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Your Local Hardwood Flooring Experts in Nazareth, PA

A luxurious and timeless classic, hardwood is a go to for many homeowners. Its universal appeal and natural durability make it a desirable addition to all types of rooms, adding endless value to your home. At Aria’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Nazareth, Pennsylvania you’ll discover smart and stunning hardwood options to satisfy all your style desires. We proudly serve the greater Northampton and Lehigh counties, and our onsite experts can help you find the perfect hardwoods to manage the region’s humid summers and brutal winters. We can even refinish and restore your existing hardwood: returning it to its original splendor, or giving it a bold, new face. Our hardwood product inventory boasts both solid and engineered options to please every style and need.

Hardwood Styles


Modern-day hardwood is made to please, no matter where you call home. There are hundreds and hundreds of hardwood flooring styles, both classical and contemporary. Do you love vintage-inspired design? Choose a weathered, rustic plank, merging old with new. Or, perhaps your style is more on the cutting edge? We can help you find a glossy, streamlined style for a modern twist. In fact, there are all types of hardwood species, finishes, shades, and textures represented in our inventory.

Types of Wood


Hardwood flooring can be made using both exotic and domestic tree species, giving you many different options and functions. Some of the most popular domestic hardwoods include pine, maple, or oak. Exotic hardwood flooring can be made using species like mahogany and teak. Each variety offers varying levels of hardness, so do your research and choose with care.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwoods


Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood look almost exactly alike, but there are some critical distinctions to consider. Solid hardwood is the original way to enjoy this flooring classic. Each floorboard is made using a single, solid piece of wood. Solid hardwood is preferred by some because it adds instantaneous value and can be refinished several times. Still, solid hardwood can be considerably pricey, and it doesn’t fare well in moisture-prone places. Engineered hardwood flooring offers a greater deal of flexibility, particularly in busy rooms where accidents are bound to happen. Made from up to seven layers of natural woods, engineered hardwood is a denser product that can be used below grade. It is much less likely to shrink or expand when exposed to moisture or humidity and can be installed below grade.

Where to Install Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring, particularly solid hardwood, should be avoided in kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered hardwood flooring is the best hardwood selection if you have pets or small children. Quiet, climate-controlled rooms are the best site for solid hardwood, while engineered is more suited for moisture-prone areas. Our experts can help you choose the best hardwood for your space and needs.

Our Hardwood Selection


We’re proud to be members of Carpet One Floor & Home: the continent’s largest cooperative of independently owned and operated flooring stores. Offering one of the region’s most impressive hardwood collections, we back up every hardwood purchase with our expansive guidance, incredible services, and ongoing value. To check out our hardwood collection, we urge you to visit us soon at 315 Industrial Drive in Nazareth, PA or check out our inventory online.



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Caring for Your Hardwood


Your new hardwood floor has some very specific care requirements, but with these simple tips, it’s easy to adopt a new maintenance routine.



Our Hardwood Warranties

Protect your hardwood investment with our best-in-the-industry product warranties. We promise many worry-free tomorrows.




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